We use a sufficient and unique approach to managing rental properties holistically and professionally.

We protect our owners and tenants by using complete and comprehensive lease agreements which adheres to the legal requirements as set out in terms of the Estate Agency Affairs Act.

Services that are rendered to owners/landlords include:

  • Advertising the property on multiple marketing platforms and interfaces.

  • Locating a suitable tenant. AH REAL ESTATE shall have absolute discretion in their choice of TENANT, subject to the exercise of reasonable caution and sound rental practices.

  • Screening of prospective tenants by performing credit checks, identification validation and reference checks.

  • Drafting of a comprehensive lease agreement and having it signed by all parties.

  • Collecting and securing the deposit (to be placed in an interest bearing trust account) and administration fee.

  • Initial inspection of the premises before tenants move in.

  • Collection of monthly rental, directly into the estate agency’s trust account to be managed with the use of PayProp/TPN rental management systems.

  • Distribution of monthly rental received in accordance with the instructions contained in the lease agreement.

  • Payment of the balance of the rental, less agreed commission for administration services performed, to the lessor each month during the period of the lease.

  • Issuing of a receipt to the lessee after each rental payment and a statement of account and payments to the lessor monthly.

  • Performing regular inspections of the property and, as instructed by the lessor, arrange for any necessary minor repairs to be done.

  • Maintenance and minor repair supervision

  • Final inspection of the premises within three days prior to expiry of the lease

  • Refunding of the deposit to the lessee within seven days after the termination of the lease if there was no damage to the property during the lease period.

  • Should the property have suffered damages during the lease period, obtain quotes for necessary repairs and deduct the costs of restoring the property to the condition that it was in at the time the lessee took occupation, fair wear and tear excepted, from the deposit and refund any balance to the lessee within fourteen days after restorations.


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